Salt Creek Stream Stabilization Project Pioneers Blvd. Bridge Near Wilderness Park

August 30, 2018

Scope of Work

This project is a joint agency effort between the City Public Works and Utlities and Parks departments, Lancaster County, and the Lower Platte South Natural Resources District, and involves stabilizing the channel of Salt Creek and protecting the Pioneers Blvd. bridge structure. Tree removal adjacent to Salt Creek and Pioneers Bridge is required for this project. Plans for removal have been approved by the Parks and Recreation Department with input from the Friends of Wilderness Park and involve revegetation using plants adapted to the local conditions.

Access During Construction

Access to the Wilderness Park trail under Pioneers Blvd. will be closed for the duration of the project. The Jamaica North trail will be available as a detour route for all trail users.

The project is not expected to impact vehicular traffic on Pioneers Blvd.

    • Trail Closure
    • Detour Trail Detour

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Construction is anticipated to begin September 4, 2018, with the majority of the work being completed by the end of the year. The overall project, including plantings, is expected to be completed by April 2019.

Project Contacts

  • Dave Potter, Project Manager

    Lower Platte South Natural Resources District
    Phone: 402-476-2729

  • Tim Zach, Project Manager

    City of Lincoln, Watershed Management
    Phone: 402-441-7018