2018 Citywide Asphalt Sealing Project

Updated July 20, 2018

Scope of Work

The 2018 citywide pavement preservation project includes work on several major streets in the city. At each location, street improvements will include sealing the existing asphalt and applying new pavement markings.

Just like your car, one of the best ways to keep a new street in good condition is to make small investments in regular upkeep and preventive maintenance. By applying sealant to the roadway, we are able to preserve the existing pavement, which helps extend the life of the driving surface.


Streets will be treated in the following order:

  • 27th from "A" to South Street
  • "A" from 27th to Capitol Parkway
  • "A" from 70th to Imperial
  • "A" from 17th to 27th
  • Adams from I-180 to 14th
  • "P" from 22nd to 27th
  • "P" from 17th to 21st
  • "Y" from 17th to 27th
  • Vine from 70th to Sierra
  • NW 1st from Technology to W Fletcher
  • 56th from "P" to "R"
  • Van Dorn from Katy to Normal
  • 56th from "R" to Vine
  • Van Dorn from Katy to 70th
  • Van Dorn from 48th to 56th
  • "A" from 63rd to 70th
  • 70th from Aylesworth to Adams
  • 48th from Holdrege to Garland

Dates may change due to weather delays.


The project began July 10, 2018 and is scheduled to continue through the end of the month.

Access During Construction

Traffic impacts vary by location. Expect partial or full street closures for four to six hours while sealant is applied and dries. The City is working closely with neighborhoods to allow local traffic to pass into and through the area. Message signs will provide advance notification of any intersection or lane closures. Drivers can also confirm street closures through the Waze mobile application.

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  • Project Locations

Project Locations Map PDF (.98 M) PDF

Other Information for Residents in the Project Area

  • No parking signs will be posted 24 hours in advance of work beginning.
  • Do not operate lawn sprinklers the night before or the day of sealing. This way the pavement will be dry and the product will stick and perform better.
  • Do not drive on the wet material. It will track onto your driveway and/or splatter on your vehicle.
  • The product dries in 4-6 hours. You will have driving access later the same day.
  • If you absolutely need to leave your home after the street has been treated, drive very slowly through the material to the untreated or dry side of the street. Drive slowly until material has worn off your tires.

NOTE: The liquid being used can stick to shoes and tires. It can be difficult to remove. Keep children and pets away from the street.

Project Contact

  • James Puls, Construction Project Manager

    City of Lincoln, Engineering Services
    Phone: 402-525-5641
    Email: jpuls@lincoln.ne.gov