2019 Citywide Asphalt Rejuvenation Project

Updated July 9, 2019

Scope of Work

This is a pavement preservation project intended to extend the life of the asphalt street. When the aging process is slowed early in the life cycle of the pavement, maintenance is less invasive and much less expensive. By applying a rejuvenator to the entire roadway, we are able to stabilize and preserve the oil in the asphalt surface which will help retain the flexibility of the pavement and extend the life of the driving surface.

Locations and Schedule

Residents will be notified about two days prior to work on their streets. Weather has a significant impact to the application process. The contractor will make every attempt to work on the scheduled days, but even minimal moisture may cause delays.

Tuesday, July 9, 2019
Yolande from 20th to Cornhusker Hwy.
20th from Yolande to Cornhusker Hwy.
Madison from 33rd to 34th
36th from Adams to approximately 325’ south
25th from "O" to "P"
46th from "O" to "R"
50th from "O" to approximately 235’ north
Wednesday, July 10, 2019
Holdrege from 19th to 27th
Pear from 27th to 29th
Manse from 27th to Bradfield
Sheridan from South to 33rd
Thursday, July 11, 2019
Sheridan from 33rd to Calvert
Friday, July 12, 2019
Pioneers from 31st to 40th (AM)
Pioneers from 40th to 48th (PM)
Monday, July 15, 2019
56th from South to "A"
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Access During Construction

Portions of the street will be closed while the liquid rejuvenator is applied. During application and two hours following, traffic is not allowed on the street to allow the material to “dry.” Two hours after the rejuvenator application, sand is applied. At this time, traffic is again permitted but must proceed slowly. Sand will be swept up about two days later, depending on weather.

No parking will be allowed on the street while work is being completed. “No Parking” signs will be posted about one to two days in advance.


  • Please turn off all sprinklers the day before and the day of application. Dry pavement allows the product to perform better.
  • Do not park on the street the day the work is scheduled.
  • Do not drive on the wet material until after the sand has been applied. It will splatter onto your vehicle and track onto your driveway. Residue on your vehicle should be immediately washed off with soap and water or use a degreaser at a car wash. The material can be washed off your drive or will wear off in 2-6 weeks.
  • Rejuvenator can be difficult to remove from tires and shoes. Please avoid treated areas until the sand has been applied.
  • Keep children and pets away from the street until the sand has been removed.
  • Reschedule any contractors, landscapers or deliveries on days work is scheduled.

Project Contacts

  • James Puls, Construction Project Manager

    City of Lincoln, LTU Project Delivery
    Phone: 402-525-5641
    Email: jpuls@lincoln.ne.gov

  • Chris Greenwell

    Proseal Inc.
    Phone: 877-650-9805
    Email: chris@proseal.us