Landfill Gas Collection and Control Project Phase 1

Construction work on Phase 1 of the Landfill Gas (LFG) Collection and Control System at Lincoln's Bluff Road Municipal Solid Waste Landfill began in October 2010. This was the first phase of a multi-phased project to begin collecting generated LFG from 61 acres of the landfill. Future collection phases will be constructed as landfilling of waste continues until the landfill reaches capacity in 2035.

Phase 1 work included construction and installation of 54 vertical gas extraction wells ranging in depth from 40 to 100 feet; 17,600 lineal feet of header and lateral gas collection piping; and, a vacuum blower and process utility flare unit to extract and burn the collected LFG.

Collection Area 61 acres
No. of Gas Wells 54
Depth of Wells 40 ft to 100 ft. (est.)
Collection Piping Length 17,600 feet (est.)
Lateral Size 6 to 12 inch diameter
Header Size 12 to 24 inch diameter

Map of Project Area (233 K) PDF

The City is planning a future project to ensure utilization of the collected LFG as a renewable energy source. Collection of the LFG will also assist in controlling and reducing odors at the site.

Environmental Benefit

LFG consists of about 50% methane and 45% carbon dioxide and other gases resulting from biological decomposition of aterials in the waste. Methane emissions are approximately 21 times more potent than carbon dioxide emissions. Recent gas generation modeling performed by SCS Engineers estimated that 1,520 standard cubic feet per minute (scfm) of LFG would be collected and burned by the process utility flare with start-up of Phase 1 in 2011. Destruction of the methane in this Phase 1 LFG flow would be equivalent to a reduction in annual carbon dioxide equivalent emissions of approximately 158,200 metric tonnes per year.

*Source - SCS Engineers Gas Generation Modeling - 2010

** Source - US EPA LFGE Benefits Calculator

Estimated Landfill Gas Generation 2,027 scfm (2011)*
Estimated Gas Recovery 1,520 scfm (2011)*
Methane (CH4) Concentration 50% methane
Avoided Methane Emissions Preventing Carbon Dioxide equivalent (CO2e) emissions of: 158,200 metric tonnes of CO2e per year
Direct Use Emissions Reduced Equivalent to:**
  • Annual Greenhouse Gas Emissions from 30,780 passenger vehicles
  • Carbon Sequestered annually by 34,320 acres of pine or fir forests
  • CO2e emissions from 18,100,000 gal. of gasoline consumed
  • CO2e emissions from burning 820 railcars of coal


Energy Potential

The 1,520 scfm of LFG has an approximate lower heating value of 41.6 million BTU's per hour and realistic electrical generation capacity of 27.1 million kilowatt hours (kWh) per year. This equates to enough electrical energy to meet annual electrical demands of approximately 2,250 households.

Project Contact

For more information about this project, contact Karla Welding, Supt. of Solid Waste Operations, at 402-441-7867.

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