Van Dorn Street Rehabilitation Project - 33rd Street to 48th Street

Updated September 11, 2015

Project Overview

The project includes concrete base repair, asphalt mill and overlay, curb replacement, new pavement markings, sidewalk and ramp reconstruction.

Public Works is committed to working in partnership with the neighborhoods and the community on plans for our city streets. The street rehabilitation project will include the addition of a common center turn lane by widening of the street.

Construction Information

Project Status

Van Dorn is open to traffic. Contractor is working on retaining walls and site clean up.

Project Schedule & Phasing

Construction for the project began May 26, 2015. 33rd to 40th Street is expected to be open by late-July 2015. 40th to 48th is expected to be open by late-August, 2015.

Access During Construction

Van Dorn will be closed to through traffic while under construction. North/South traffic will be maintained at 33rd Street, 40th Street and 48th Street.

The City and Contractor will work with local businesses regarding access during construction. Access to local residences may be restricted at times. Closure of driveways will not exceed 10 days.

Center Turn Lane Strategy

The City's comprehensive plan calls for a balance between the need to move traffic more safely and efficiently within the city, and the impact of street widening on adjacent property owners and the neighborhood. This is accomplished with a "center turn lane strategy."

The idea behind a common center turn lane is to minimize the impact that right and left turns have on traffic flow. Most of you have been behind a car turning left on a two lane road and understand how much slower you proceed as a result. By having a center turn lane, we reduce time cars spend slowing or waiting for turns and the number and severity of rear end collisions. The comprehensive plan goal is to introduce this strategy on all aeterial streets in the City that have significant stretches running through neighborhoods.

Currently, Van Dorn has two lanes from 33rd to 37th Street and three lanes from 37th to 48th Street. This project proposes to have three lanes of traffic all the way from 33rd to 48th Street which would require widening because the existing lane widths do not meet requirements set by the Nebraska Board of Public Roads Classifications & Standards. The widening of the roadway is accomplished by reducing the area between the existing curb and sidewalk. Van Dorn Street is currently 26-feet wide from 33rd to 37th Street, and 31-feet wide from 37th to 48th Street. Adding and maintaining the existing common center lane will require widening to 32-feet.

Project Contacts

  • Construction Project Manager

    Jess Sundeen
    City of Lincoln, Engineering Services
    Phone: 402-416-5341

  • Design Project Manager

    Erin Sokolik
    City of Lincoln, Engineering Services
    Phone: 402-416-9460

Public Involvement

Pre-Construction Open House - May 12, 2015
5:30 – 7:00 p.m.
Southeast High School Commons Area
2930 S. 37th Street
Meeting Notice
Project Design Open House - December 13, 2012
5:00 – 6:30 p.m.
Gere Library
56th and Normal
Meeting Materials