How to Recycle in Your Apartment

The challenge is to find creative ways to use your limited space.

1. Determine what materials you'd like to recycle.

The following materials are accepted at the public recycling collection sites:

  • Newspaper
  • Cardboard boxes and fiberboard
  • Aluminum and tin cans
  • Glass bottles and jars
  • Plastic #1-5 containers
  • Residential mixed paper (i.e. junk mail, magazines, catalogs, telephone books)
Recycling bins Decide what materials you'd like to recycle and choose a place for storage

2. Choose a handy spot in your apartment for recycling containers.


Use door knobs and behind the door hooks to hang reusable bags with lighter recyclables such as flattened plastic containers.

Slide containers into cabinets, under tables, bakers racks or other utility stands.

A container under the sink can be a convenient place to store rinsed plastic, metal and glass.

To make more space in your kitchen, store tools and appliances that you use infrequently in other parts of your apartment.

Under sink recycling storage A container under the sink can be a convenient place to store rinsed plastic, metal and glass

Closet / Laundry / Pantry:

These offer other out-of-sight storage for recyclables.

Clear extra space on shelving units.

Place containers on the floor inside a closet or pantry.


Many products used in the bathroom are packaged in recyclable material such as plastic and paperboard.

  • Place a container next to the regular bathroom trash for items such as shampoo bottles, soap boxes and toilet paper tubes.

Office Area:

This area near the computer and printer produces a lot of paper waste.

  • Locate the recycling container for office paper and newspaper next to or under the desk.
  • Additional space might be available in a slide out drawer.
  • Hang a reusable bag on a knob, hook or handle.
Recycling bag on a door handle Hang a reusable bag on a knob, hook or handle

3. Find the nearest public recycling site.

When containers become full, take them to a public recycling collection site and place your recyclables in the appropriate bins.

You'll find one of the recycling sites in the city on your routes to work, school or errands.

You will want to regularly wipe out the container with hot water and sanitizing solution.

Recycling paper Take your full containers to one of the City's public recycling collection sites

4. Establish a routine.

Make sorting and dropping off recyclables part of your household chores.

Rinse or wash cans and bottles and remove the lids. Labels can remain on the container.

Flatten cans and plastic bottles to save space.

Anything that comes with the newspaper can be recycled with the newspaper (except the plastic bag).

Remove packing material from cardboard boxes and paperboard packaging.

You do not need to remove paper clips and staples on office paper and magazines.

5. Stay connected.