City of Lincoln Corrugated Cardboard Disposal Ban

On April 1, 2018, the City of Lincoln took a historic step to reduce waste and extend the life of the Bluff Road Landfill by prohibiting corrugated cardboard from being deposited at the facility. Residents are now required by law to recycle or reuse corrugated cardboard. To measure the effectiveness of the corrugated cardboard ban, the City conducted a waste characterization study to analyze annual deposits of corrugated cardboard to the landfill.

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Measuring Your Success:

The waste characterization study revealed that residents and businesses significantly reduced the amount of cardboard being sent to the landfill in 2018. This is equivalent to each resident throwing away 90 fewer pounds of cardboard during the year.

This impressive contribution by Lincoln and Lancaster County residents and businesses made a significant impact on the environment and local economy.

Together, your efforts saven an amount equivalent to*...

  • 239,360 trees1
  • 30 million pounds of CO2 emissions1
  • Energy for 1,652 homes2
  • 1.5 million gallons of gas2

* According to EPA calculations 1 Equivalent to 14,080 tons of cardboard 2 Equivalent to 30 million pounds of CO2 emissions

Measuring Success at the Landfill:

Our community reduced corrugated cardboard at the landfill by 76 percent.

In 2018, 14,080 fewer tons of corrugated cardboard were sent to the landfill than in 2017. This 76% reduction saved over 120,000 cubic yards of space, further extending the landfill’s life.

This reduction is the result of significant commitments by residents, businesses, and the garbage and recycling collectors who serve them.

Cardboard made up 9.4% of the waste entering the landfill in 2017, and this number dropped to 2.4% in 2018

More Indicators of Cardboard Recycling Success

Processor Reports

Local processors of recycled materials reported up to a 52% increase in cardboard recycling since the ban took effect. Through these processors, our recycled cardboard will eventually be made into new products.

Graph illustrating the increase in corrugated cardbard deposited at public recycling drop-off sites

Public Recycling Sites

Lincoln and Lancaster County residents more than doubled the amount of corrugated cardboard deposited at the Residential Consumer Recyclables Collection Sites. Households can subscribe to convenient curbside recycling with their garbage and recycling collector, or use one of the many public recycling collection sites.

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