Commercial Recycling Self-Assessment

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Are you a business or organization who would like to improve your recycling program? Not sure where to start or what to do? Fill out this Recycling Self-Assessment to receive immediate guidance specific to your sector.

2. What best describes your commercial sector?
5. How much garbage do you currently generate, and how much of that is recycled?

Please download and complete the Waste Diversion Rate Calculator to find out. Report your findings below.



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Your diversion rate is:

6. What materials do you currently NOT recycle or compost?
7. Do you feel you have enough bins to accommodate the amount of recycling your company produces?
8. Is purchasing new recycling bins cost-prohibitive?
9. Are your bins labeled with clear signage that is color-coded, have restrictive lid openings and include images of acceptable materials?
10. Do you have limited space for recycling bins?
10a. Is space limited in the interior or exterior of your operation?
11. Are your employees well-informed about what is and is not recyclable, and is there very little contamination (garbage) in the recycling bins?
12. Does your recycling stream vary (for example, due to special events), or is it relatively steady?
13. Do you have a cafeteria or café on site?
14. Do you have concerns about odors and cleanliness associated with recycling bins?