Residential Consumer Recyclables Collection Sites

Residential consumer recyclables collection sites are for household use only. Businesses and contractors must contract for recycling collection services or self-haul to local recycling processors.

City of Lincoln

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  • N.W. Roundhouse Dr. & West "P" streets
  • University Place
    47th & St. Paul streets
  • Russ's Market
    63rd & Platte Avenue
  • North 48th Street Transfer Station
    5101 N. 48th Street
    limited hours of operation
  • Air Park Recreation Center
    3710 N.W. 46th Street
  • Highlands Fire Station
    5435 N.W. 1st Street
  • North Star High School
    5801 N. 33rd Street
  • A&J Recycling
    3250 N. 20th Street, east end of parking lot
  • Lincoln Labor Temple
    4625 “Y” Street


  • Leon’s Gourmet Grocer
    32nd & South streets
  • Union College
    53rd & Calvert, athletic field parking lot
  • East High School
    70th & "A" streets, Seacrest Field parking lot
  • Lewis Ball Field
    Capitol Parkway & “J” streets
  • Trabert Hall
    12th & South streets
  • Pepsi Cola Distribution Facility
    1901 Windhoek Drive
  • Russ's Market
    1550 S. Coddington
  • Russ's Market
    33rd & Highway 2
  • Super Saver
    27th & Pine Lake
  • Gere Branch Library
    2400 S. 56th Street
    cardboard only
  • Multi-material recycling sitesMulti-material
  • Cardboard only recycling sitesCardboard only

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Lancaster County

  • Bennet Refuse Transfer Station
  • Davey Refuse Transfer Station
  • Denton 2nd & 91st Streets
  • Firth Community Center
  • Hickman City Park
  • Malcolm Village Shop
  • Panama Refuse Transfer Station
  • Roca Village Shop
  • Waverly Honeycreek Restaurant

  • Cardboard Boxes
    Cardboard boxes, corrugated cardboard, and paperboard packing
    Acceptable: Clean and dry corrugated cardboard and paper board packaging (e.g. cereal; frozen dinner boxes). Please flatten to help save space.
    Not Acceptable: Soiled or wet corrugated cardboard and paperboard.
  • Cans
    Aluminum and tin
    Acceptable: Aluminum cans; steel (tin) cans; aerosol cans. Empty and clean. Liquid and food residue must be removed. Labels are ok.
    Not Acceptable: Aluminum pans and foil; metal objects; hangers; cans containing food or liquid residue.
  • Glass Bottles and Jars
    Glass bottles and jars
    Acceptable: All empty and clean, clear, green and brown bottles and jars. Empty and clean. Labels are ok. (Some glass is not accepted from curbside recyclers).
    Not Acceptable: Window glass; drinking glass; mirrors; dishes and cups; vases; porcelain products. Glass bottles and jars with liquids or food residue.
  • Newspaper
    Acceptable: Newspaper and inserts; newsprint packing paper.
    Not Acceptable: Plastic bags; product samples; wet or soiled newspaper.
  • Plastic #1 - #5 Containers
    Plastic #1 through #5 containers
    Acceptable: Rigid plastic bottles where neck is smaller than body (cap and neck ring ok); food tubs 5 gallons or smaller. Empty and clean. Liquid and food residue must be removed. Labels are ok.
    Not Acceptable: Styrofoam products; motor oil or chemical containers; plastic plates, cups or eating utensils; plastic film (grocery sacks); metal of any kind; bulky rigid plastics larger than 5 gallons; flower pots; k-cups.
  • Residential Mixed Papers
    Residential mixed paper
    Acceptable: Mail, magazines catalogs; telephone directories; paperback books; molded paper egg cartons.
    Not Acceptable: paper plates; coffee cups; paper towels or tissues; soiled or wet paper.
Recycling Guidelines by Material

What happens next?

Read more about the Second Life of Recyclables PDF -- this list identifies products made from the items you recycle at City recycling collection sites.