Residential Consumer Recyclables Collection Sites

Solid Waste Management will be consolidating Lincoln's recyclables collection sites from June to the summer of 2021.
Learn more about the consolidation plan 

Residential consumer recyclables collection sites are for household use only. Businesses and contractors must contract for recycling collection services or self-haul to local recycling processors.

City of Lincoln

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  • N.W. Roundhouse Dr. & West "P" streets
  • University Place
    47th & St. Paul streets
  • Russ's Market
    63rd & Platte Avenue
  • North 48th Street Transfer Station
    5101 N. 48th Street
    limited hours of operation
  • Air Park Recreation Center
    3710 N.W. 46th Street
  • Highlands Fire Station
    5435 N.W. 1st Street


  • Leon’s Gourmet Grocer
    32nd & South streets
  • Union College
    53rd & Calvert, athletic field parking lot
  • East High School
    70th & "A" streets, Seacrest Field parking lot
  • Lewis Ball Field
    Capitol Parkway & “J” streets
  • Russ's Market
    1550 S. Coddington
  • Russ's Market
    33rd & Highway 2
  • Super Saver
    27th & Pine Lake
  • Multi-material recycling sitesMulti-material recycling site
  • Closed recycling sitesClosed site

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Lancaster County

  • Bennet Refuse Transfer Station
  • Davey Refuse Transfer Station
  • Denton 2nd & 91st Streets
  • Firth Community Center
  • Hickman City Park
  • Malcolm Village Shop
  • Panama Refuse Transfer Station
  • Roca Village Shop
  • Waverly Honeycreek Restaurant

  • Cardboard Boxes
    Cardboard boxes, corrugated cardboard and paperboard packing
    Acceptable: Clean and dry corrugated cardboard and paper board packaging (e.g. cereal and frozen dinner boxes.) Please flatten to help save space.
    Not Acceptable: Soiled or wet corrugated cardboard and paperboard.
  • Cans
    Cans (aluminum and tin)
    Acceptable: Empty, clean and flattened aluminum and tin cans.
    Not Acceptable: Other metal products, aluminum foil and cans with liquids or food residue.
  • Glass Bottles and Jars
    Glass bottles and jars
    Acceptable: Empty and clean, clear, green and brown bottles and jars. Labels are ok. (Some glass is not accepted from curbside recyclers.)
    Not Acceptable: Window glass, drinking glass, mirrors, dishes and cups, vases, porcelain products, glass bottles and jars with liquids or food residue.
  • Newspaper
    Acceptable: Newspaper and inserts and newsprint packing paper.
    Not Acceptable: Plastic bags, product samples and wet or soiled newspaper.
  • Plastic #1 - #5 Containers
    Plastic #1–#5 containers
    Acceptable: Rigid plastic bottles where neck is smaller than body (cap and neck ring ok) and food tubs 5 gallons or smaller. Liquid and food residue must be removed. Labels are ok.
    Not Acceptable: Styrofoam products, motor oil or chemical containers, plastic plates, cups or eating utensils, plastic film (grocery sacks), metal of any kind, bulky rigid plastics larger than 5 gallons, flower pots and k-cups.
  • Residential Mixed Paper
    Residential mixed paper
    Acceptable: Mail, magazines catalogs, telephone directories, paperback books and molded paper egg cartons.
    Not Acceptable: Paper plates, coffee cups, paper towels or tissues and soiled or wet paper.
Recycling Guidelines by Material

What happens next?

Read more about the Second Life of Recyclables PDF -- this list identifies products made from the items you recycle at City recycling collection sites.