Business-sponsored Neighborhood Recycling Container Pilot Program

As part of the City of Lincoln’s Comprehensive Residential Recycling Program, the Department of Solid Waste Management is initiating a Business-sponsored Neighborhood Recycling Container pilot program to increase capacity and access to recycling options for neighborhoods in our community.

The goal of the Business-sponsored Neighborhood Recycling Container pilot program is to establish self-sustaining relationships in neighborhoods that support their local community.

We seek to partner with local entities and identify sites in Lincoln neighborhoods that can host a large roll-off container to serve as the neighborhood’s local recycling drop-off site. This unique program seeks to couple host locations that are visible and near a high density area and / or near a central community location, with business sponsor(s) to cover the cost of these large roll-off containers. This joint effort is intended to increase recycling access in the community, and to help residents comply with the corrugated cardboard disposal ban.

The City of Lincoln will work with host locations, business-sponsors and neighboring communities to facilitate this collaboration.

To support a business’s sponsorship commitments, the Recycle Lincoln campaign has allocated funding to facilitate the pilot program with a commitment to:

  • Create and print vinyl stickers of the business sponsor’s logo to be prominently displayed on the neighborhood’s roll-off dumpster;
  • Canvass the neighborhood with a 1-2 mile radius to inform neighbors of the new neighborhood asset; and
  • Pay for door hangers to leave behind at residences.

Recycling collection sponsors would pay the direct cost of the recycling service to the recycling collector that is hired, which will also be in partnership with the host site and their existing or preferred garbage / recycling collector. It is the sole responsibility of the business sponsor to manage the contract and invoicing process with the recycling collector. Once an agreement is made between a business and host location, the City of Lincoln requests that a three-year commitment of sponsorship be made for the shared recycling services.

Pilot program contact information: