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Help spread the word about recycling by enjoying and sharing these messages and videos with the hashtag #TakeItToTheBin on your favorite social media forum. Don’t forget to stop by and “Like” the City of Lincoln Recycling and Solid Waste Facebook page for regular updates!

Campaign Videos

YouTube video

Box on the Streets

Corrugated cardboard belongs in the recycling bin, not on the streets.

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Take It To The Bin: The Cardboard Coach

Starting April 1st, corrugated cardboard is banned from the landfill. And starting right now, we begin your training as recycling champions!

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Commercial Recycling: How to Set Up a Program

Assurity Life has a great model for recycling in an office setting. Follow their lead by implementing some of these sustainable practices in your business.

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Take It To The Bin: The Play-by-Play

It's good! Watch and share the campaign TV ad that shows how to score big points by recycling corrugated cardboard.

Take It to the Bin Challenge

YouTube video See how it's done in this example video!

Lincoln’s landfill no longer accepts clean and dry corrugated cardboard. No Amazon boxes. No moving boxes. Why? Corrugated cardboard is an easily-recyclable material that too many Lincolnites are throwing away—with 37.5 million pounds ending up in the landfill last year.

The City of Lincoln and its partner, communications agency Carson+Co Global, need your help to remind people to recycle corrugated cardboard—as well as everything else.

All you have to do is “Take it to the Bin.”

That means we want you to make a video with your phone showing people creative ways to toss recyclables into recycling bins. Here’s how to do it:

  • Select a recyclable material and find a recycling bin at home or a public drop-off site, etc.
  • Have someone record you saying “Take it to the Bin,” then take your shot.
  • Get fancy—or don’t. Wear a costume. Show off a unique talent or skill. Include babies and pets. Have fun!
  • Post to your social media accounts, using the campaign hashtag, #takeitothebin
  • Tag friends in the post to do the same!

Recycle Lincoln Ambassadors

The Recycle Lincoln Ambassadors are an outreach extension of the City’s recycling education campaign. This group includes representatives from commercial and residential sectors, educational institutions, sustainability and community, and special interest groups. This group supports the Take It to the Bin initiative by sharing insights on recycling in Lincoln. Ambassadors utilize their networks and connections to encourage recycling and share the message about taking corrugated cardboard to the recycling bin.

Recycle Lincoln Ambassadors

To join the Recycle Lincoln Ambassadors, contact the Waste Diversion and Recycling Office at recycle@lincoln.ne.gov. To receive program updates, subscribe here:

The Recycle Lincoln Ambassadors met in November 2017. Review the Meeting Report PDF for more information.