Waste Reduction & Recycling Assistance Program

A goal to reduce the per capita amount of waste disposed in landfills by 30% by 2040 over 2011 was established by a 20-member Citizen Advisory Committee in the development of the Solid Waste Management Plan 2040. Businesses, including industries, institutions and multi-family apartment complexes, can help achieve this goal by enhancing or establishing recycling and composting programs.

Who is eligible?

The program is available to any Lancaster County business or non-profit organization that requests assistance in establishing a recycling or composting program and/or completes the application.

What type of assistance is available?

  • We can visit your site to review your current waste management system, then make suggestions to improve your current program or start a new recycling or composting program.
  • You can consult our experts to find ways to overcome your specific recycling and composting barriers.
  • Our staff will assist with program implementation and education of your staff, customers or renters.
Waste Reduction & Recycling Onsite Assistance Receive a personalized walkthrough at your place of business from a Waste Diversion and Recycling Office representative.

How can we use the rebate?

A maximum $750 rebate is available to cover:

  • 50% of recycling program start-up costs
  • The first six months of recycling collection services
  • Purchase of recycling containers
  • Retrofitting janitorial carts
  • Capital improvements such as installing a concrete pad for recycling containers
  • Waste composition assessment by a third party
  • Development of educational materials
  • Monthly costs for recycling or compostable material collection
Recycling containers The rebate can be used to purchase recycling containers

How will we be recognized for our recycling efforts?

There are four different levels of recycling recognition that organizations can earn: Bronze, Silver, Gold and Zero Waste. All WRRAP members are also eligible for a Role Model Business profile that will be featured on the City website and social media accounts.

How do we apply?

  1. Review the Business Recycling Service Rebate Application. Identify recycling and/or composting services you are expanding or plan to start.
  2. Contact the Solid Waste Management Division at 402-326-7431 to confirm eligibility and finalize application.