Recycle Lincoln Leadership Recognition Program Application

Businesses and organizations that are demonstrating leadership and working to achieve our waste reduction goal can receive recognition for their efforts. Get started by submitting this application form. After your application is received, a Solid Waste Management Division representative will conduct an on-site visit to verify your Recycle Lincoln Leadership recognition level.

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Current Waste Management Practices
For help identifying your container sizes in #2-4, please see the Recycling Container Sizes & Volumes Fact Sheet PDF
2. Please provide the following information regarding your central waste container(s):
3. Please provide the following information regarding your central recycling container(s):
4. Please provide the following information regarding your central organic waste container(s) - (if applicable):
5. Please list waste collector: (include contact info if available)
6. Please list recycling collector: (include contact info if available)
7. Please list organic waste collector: (if applicable)
8. Does your business track the amount of waste and recyclables collected?
Note: Recycling rate = Weight of recycling + composting / weight of recycling + composting + trash Download the Waste Diversion Calculator
9. Does your business provide recycling receptacles for employees and/or tenants?
10. Does your business generate any of the following materials that are banned from disposal in the Bluff Road Landfill?
Auto batteries, waste oil, tires, appliances (refrigerators, washer and dryers, etc.), grass and leaves (Apr. – Nov.), and corrugated cardboard.
11. Does your business participate in the Special Waste Permit Program administered by the Lincoln and Lancaster County Health Department?
12. Does your business provide information to employees on proper separation of recyclables?
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