Alternate Fuels Program

StarTran is acknowledged nationally as a leader within the transit industry in the utilization and promotion of alternative fuels. The following alternate fuels programs have been in place:

Compressed Natural Gas (CNG)

In June 2014, StarTran introduced five new compressed natural gas (CNG) buses to its fleet. CNG offers increased environmental benefits, operates more quietly than diesel, and costs less per gallon than diesel. StarTran currently has 24 CNG buses, 2 CNG trolleys and 11 CNG Handi-vans.

Biodiesel Program

In January 1994, two StarTran buses were powered by biodiesel fuel (75% diesel/25% soybean oil). In 2008, biodiesel was used for the entire fleet. StarTran has discontinued the use of biodiesel with the conversion to CNG.

Ethanol Bus Program

Between 1994 and 2000, four ethanol-powered (95% ethanol, 5% gasoline) buses were operated in regular transit service. In 2000, the engines were replaced, and until 2008 when the 02Diesel Fuel Program was terminated, the entire fleet was powered by an 8% ethanol / 92% diesel fuel blend.

StarTran Services for Persons with Disabilities

StarTran is in compliance with all transit-related regulations of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). The following services are available to maximize transportation opportunities within Lincoln for persons with disabilities:

  • All StarTran regular route service is accessible to persons with disabilities. StarTran currently operates 67 full-size accessible vehicles. Persons with disabilities who utilize all StarTran regular route services are eligible for significantly reduced fares (85 cents/trip or $16 for a 20-ride pass).
  • The StarTran Handi-Van and Brokerage afford complementary paratransit services for persons with disabilities. The programs realize a total average ridership of 5,671 per month – 3,435 (Handi-Van), 2,235 (Brokerage).
  • Accessible formats for bus schedules including large print, braille, computer diskette, and audio tape, are available. StarTran routes/schedules are available at various outlets and on the Internet.
          • Bus Schedules
  • Coordination of special transportation services provided by other public and private providers/agencies is encouraged and promoted to maximize the efficiency and effectiveness of available special transportation services.

Automatic Vehicle Locator Program

The StarTran AVL Program is installed and now affords the following features:

  • Automatic bus stop location announcements, in compliance with the ADA
  • Location of all StarTran vehicles, including vehicle speed and operator identification
  • Emergency indication
  • Patron access to vehicle location

StarTran Marketing, Promotion, Special and Other Services

Marketing and promotion of StarTran services is "directed" to groups and individuals most likely to utilize those services, i.e., low income, senior centers, students, downtown employees, etc. Also market special events, programs, projects, and general awareness. The following are the current marketing promotion, special and other services offered by StarTran:

Low-Income Bus Pass Program

This program was initiated on October 1, 2004, enabling eligible low-income individuals to purchase a StarTran 31-Consecutive Day Pass at the reduced price of $8.00 (bus) and $16 (Handi-Van).

Senior Center Programs

Presentations to residents of retirement complexes and at senior centers are provided by StarTran staff. Such presentations promote and familiarize seniors with available StarTran services. Seniors are eligible for significantly reduced fares (85 cents/trip or $16.00 for a 20-ride pass) on regular StarTran services.

StarTran/University of Nebraska Transportation Program

Public transit services have operated between the Downtown UNL Campus and the UNL East Campus since 1926. StarTran has, since 1994, operated inter-campus service through contractual agreements with UNL. Such service has been provided at no fare to UNL students, faculty, and staff, with all associated costs compensated by UNL to the City of Lincoln. For the last several years, the StarTran inter-campus service was supplemented by UNL Transit Services, which also operated weekday evenings and during summer and semester breaks. Effective January 2013, the UNL/StarTran agreement was expanded such that StarTran assumed the entire operation of the StarTran/UNL Transportation Program. Such expanded service will serve an annual ridership of over 800,000 trips.

Bus Advertising Program

StarTran contracts for the sale and placement of advertising on StarTran vehicles. This program generates approximately $130,000/year in revenues.

Boo at the Zoo

StarTran provides transit shuttle service from three outlying lots, transporting a total for all five nights, of 4,793 people, to and from the Zoo.

Stuff the Bus

Promoting to the public to contribute new goods for a charitable organization. Our goal has been achieved of one full bus for a nonprofit organization each year.

Speakers Bureau Presentations

We are happy to present to your group. Please contact us for availability.

Big Red Express Services

Express transit services to and from Memorial Stadium are provided for all home UNL football games. Such service is provided at six locations each football season (Holmes Lake, Southeast Community College, Gateway Mall, North Star High School, SouthPointe Pavilions, and MSC/Airport), averaging ridership of approximately 5,200 trips per game.


StarTran offers a discounted summer youth pass, which is valid for the months of June, July, and August. Children, ages 5-18, are not only entitled to unlimited rides on StarTran buses with this pass, but also receive special offers from participating sponsors.

New Fare Devices

StarTran installed new fare boxes and introduced new magnetic strip fare device technology in September 2007.

Updated October 2018