Bus Passenger Behavior Policy

Failure to comply with the behavioral policy expectations below may result in appropriate legal and/or disciplinary actions, including suspension from utilization of StarTran services.

  • Passengers using audio or video devices are required to use earphones.
  • Eating, drinking, fighting, throwing things, pushing, shouting, spitting, vulgar language, lewd or inappropriate behavior, vandalism, smoking, alcohol and illegal drugs are prohibited on the bus.
  • Passengers, please check your seats before exiting the bus to ensure you have all your personal belongings in your possession. StarTran is not liable for any lost or stolen items.
  • Please remember this is your bus... keep it clean; don't litter or vandalize either the bus or bus shelters. Report any problems or concerns to the driver or the StarTran Office.
  • Seats at the front of the bus are traditionally reserved for seniors and persons with disabilities; please give them up when necessary.
  • For safety reasons, children capable of sitting on their own must sit in a seat and not on an adult's lap.
  • When boarding the bus, move quickly to a seat and remain seated. If you must stand, stand away from the doors.
  • Conversations with the driver that distract him/her from the safe operation of the bus must be kept to a minimum.
  • Passengers are required to obey reasonable requests from the driver or other authorized StarTran representatives.
  • Aisles are to be kept clear of any obstacles (strollers, packages, etc. must be kept under the seats).
  • Push the stop request one block prior to your desired departure; do not push repeatedly. Be sure to look both ways before crossing the street after the bus has pulled away.
  • Federal regulations prohibit the transportation of flammable or explosive materials on transit buses. This includes automobile batteries. (Electric mobility device battery packs and portable oxygen tanks are exempt from this requirement.)