Clip Zip Ship



Provide procedures and standards for approving access to Clip Zip Ship (CZS) application. Compliance to the Standards posted in this document is required.


In an effort to promote economic development and open government, City of Lincoln/Public Works and Utilities (PWU) has established an open data resource offering a collection of more than 10 GIS data sets from various PWU asset classes. This data repository can be accessed through a secured online custom web application “CZS.” It is a straightforward and easy application intended to download GIS data for a variety of PWU asset classes. Asset data can be downloaded in a variety of formats. This includes: Geodatabase, Shape File, DGN and PDF. PWU recognizes the benefits of sharing this data with other organizations. We also retain full rights to the data and it is being provided without warranties. PWU has developed policies and procedures to effectively manage issues relating to privacy, confidentiality, security and other valid restrictions outlined in this policy.

All applicants soliciting access to the application must meet the proper requirements. All supporting documents referenced on how to access the application are available in the links above.

  • All users must be a certified licensed Professional Engineer, Architect or Land Surveyor.
  • Application forms must be submitted by e-mail from single user and/or firms and should include the following information. Handwritten forms will not be accepted.
    1. Name of Agency.
    2. Address, City and Telephone No.
    3. Verification of a current License, if applicable.
    4. Provide certification seal requested in the application form.
  • All applications will be reviewed before access can be granted.
  • Due to sensitive information, user authentication accounts are required. A user ID and Password will be provided to begin using the web application.
  • Only clip the area that is absolutely necessary to support your mission.
  • Data should be downloaded for immediate project use only.
  • Accounts cannot be shared with any other parties outside your organization.
  • User understands that misuse or violation of any of these rules may result in termination of access privileges.
  • Users can access this application from any internet connection.
  • FTP site will be used as a temporary file storage only. Weekly site cleanup will be performed.