System Studies and Reports

Beal Slough Relief Trunk Sewer

The memorandum, alignment study, and geotechnical report were initiated to evaluate and select an alignment for the extension of the Beal Slough sewer system to serve future growth in south Lincoln. The reports initially referred to Phases I and II. Phase I has been completed, and Phase II has been broken up into Phases II and III for funding purposes.

Middle Creek Basin - "D" Street Lift Station Study (January 2007)

This is an initial study that reviews the "A" Street sewer and future service area as well as examining the concept of combining the "D" Street and "P" Street lift stations into one.

Middle Creek Basin - West "O" Street Trunk Sewer Extension (October 2004)

This study examines the West 'O' street basin, extends pipelines out to beyond 63rd Street and examines the areas to be served.

Northeast Salt Creek Collection System Study (January 2004) PDF

The purpose of this Technical Memorandum is to review the service area for the Northeast Salt Creek Basin sanitary sewer collection system and to determine the feasible short term and long term facilities required to serve the area.

Oak Creek Basin Trunk Sewer and Sub-Basin Sewers Preliminary Design Report (May 2006)

The objective of the project is to develop and evaluate existing system capacities and identify the need for various system improvements in the Oak Creek Basin to increase the level of service and provide capacity for the growth anticipated by the City of Lincoln Comprehensive Plan and the new Airport West Subarea Plan.

Salt Creek Water Quality Studies (Revised June 2000)

The purpose of the Salt Creek Water Quality Studies is to develop site-specific chronic ammonia criteria for Segment LP2-20000 of Salt Creek based on extensive chemical, biological, and physical analysis.

Stevens Creek Trunk Sewer Preliminary Design Report (January 2005)

This project will provide collection system capacity for new growth areas located east and northeast of the City in the Stevens Creek Basin.

Upper Southeast Salt Creek Alignment Study (Draft  August 2004)

The Preliminary Routing/Corridor Study and Design of the Upper Southeast Salt Creek Trunk Sewer was initiated to evaluate and select an alignment for the extension of the Salt Creek sewer system to serve future growth in south Lincoln.


Wastewater Facilities Master Plans