Waterfest 2010

On June 12, 2010, the City of Lincoln held the 3rd Biennial Waterfest. For three hours (5-8 p.m.), guests learned about our most valuable resource -- water. Exhibitors and volunteers helped guests to learn about what they can do to conserve water and reduce pollutants in local streams and lakes.

Persons attending Waterfest 2010 received a water passport, which was marked as they stopped by each booth. For attending at least 10 stations, each person was eligible for a free gift. Free hot dogs and sodas were available. Exhibitor booths had fun, hands-on activities. Other events included canoe rides, a fishing clinic, a raptor release and music by PANgea.

Sponsors of Waterfest 2010 included:

Nebraska Department of Environmental Quality • Olsson Associates • Lincoln Parks Foundation • Nebraska Game and Parks

Pepsi Cola of Lincoln • Lower Platte South Natural Resources District • JEO Consulting Group, Inc. • Schemmer Associates • Nebraska Concrete and Aggregate Association • Comfort Chiropractic • Culligan of Lincoln • American Red Cross

Other Waterfest Events

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