About the Artist: Ann Williams

Ann, a Nebraska native and current resident of Lincoln, NE, was immersed in the art world at an early age as she accompanied her father as he painted, attended galleries and displayed at a variety of art shows. From a young age, Ann enjoyed nature and was always creating something which lead her to follow her love of exploration through a variety of art, during her high school education, and then continued on at the University of Nebraska where she graduated with a degree in Fine Art.

After a six month sabbatical from art, she quit her job in public television to pursue art fulltime. She explored a variety of media and continued to involve herself in art related activities while becoming a wife and mother. In 2006, Ann found her style during a session of experimentation and since then Ann has worked fulltime on her art and has had the opportunity to show in a variety venues across the nation.

Some of the highlights for her have been the privilege of working on a public art project for MidAmerica Nazarene University in Olathe, KS which was completed in 2007; and the completion and exhibition of a large body of work from the Book of Psalms found in the Bible. This series, containing 150 mixed media paintings, was finished in nine months and debuted in Lincoln for a three month showing in June 2008.

Artwork Interpretation: "Life Source"

"Life Source" is inspired by two natural resources: wind and water and incorporates images representing each. While traveling in Iowa last fall, I was overwhelmed by the number of wind turbines rising over the landscape. They looked like giant flowers towering above the green rolling hills. I created a three petal flower image from this scene inspired by the turbines and am using it as the central point if my design. As I think of nature, life and the rain barrel I am reminded of how everything needs water for survival and growth – a physical life source.

One tip of the flower gently touches a pool of water, its life source, creating a ripple effect which becomes the grid to which I added color. I used fluid marks in the grid to create the idea of water and wind movement. Three main colors: red, blue, and green were used along with tints and shades of each for depth and interest. Once the paining was complete, I out-lined the grid in black which creates a stained glass effect. I then accented and added depth to the work by using random paint splatters and metallic spray paint.

I hope viewers will ponder not only the importance of water as a physical life source, but will also think on what they might consider their own personal life source or inspiration to be.