About the Artist: Carla Otredosky

Carla Otredosky was born in Denver, Colorado, and spent most of her childhood playing outside in nature and crafting unique works of art. She studied fine arts and commercial art at Doane College. Carla works as a graphic designer and lives in Lincoln.

During her free time she enjoys running, reading non-fiction novels, baking deserts, and camping with her husband and Boston Terrier named Bailey.

Artwork Interpretation: "Groundwater, Our Hidden Treasure"

It fills your ice cube tray which chills your drink and quenches your thirst. It grows the corn which pays the farmer and feeds the cow. It sleeps silently beneath your feet until you beckon it with a turn of the tap.

It's groundwater, our hidden treasure.

Many people forget that groundwater is a part of the water cycle. For each gallon of rain water you catch with this barrel, a gallon of groundwater is conserved.