About the Artist: Carol Devall

Carol Hartman DeVall has been involved as an artist guide with Open Studio since it started about ten years ago. "I believe art and creativity should be a part of the everyday lives of all people." Carol has a BFA from UNL and is an active freelance artist in Lincoln, with work at Gallery Nine, Sheldon's and Lux's art shops. Her most frequently used media are ceramic, linoleum block prints and papier mache.

The Open Studio is a collaborative effort by the Community Mental Health Center, Centerpointe, and Parks and Recreation for adult artists they serve. Open studio sessions, workshops, readings, and four to five exhibitions each year are provided to those using the arts as a means of expression and maintenance of wellness.

It has been fun working on the rain barrel, as it is collaboration between a few artists. We all have different styles and strengths and have successfully combined them! – Carol DeVall

Artwork Interpretation: "Hollyhocks and Aliens"

"Hollyhocks and Aliens" chosen by Dean Settle, director of the Community Mental Health Center. This theme has worked great for us! We had one individual who had excellent space alien imagery, one whose vast art and design knowledge helped a lot with general layout and color and one of us took charge of the plants and flowers. It was fun as it did allow us each to contribute with our own individual types of creativity yet we were also able to have it all work together.