About the Artist: Carrie Masters

Carrie Masters was born in Nebraska and grew up in rural Palmyra amidst the natural beauty of the Plains. Her interest in photography began in high school, where she developed her own black and white photos. After high school she had the opportunity to live in Malaysia for a year and she continued to photograph that exotic location. Upon her return Carrie attended the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, where she earned a B.S. in Human Resources.

Later her husband, Jim Stevens, and she owned The Ozone, which Carrie operated for a number of years. She continued her photography and has now branched out into digital photography and digital manipulation (drawing).

Robot Luv became her trademark in 2007, beginning from a love of vintage toys and collectibles. It now graces a variety of creations where Carrie blends photography with digital manipulation and painting. Robot Luv brand of products is spreading quicker than oil in a robot's knees. So far in just one year's time Robot Luv has completed two collaborations with Palmer Snowboards; a snowboard in stores now, and a line of street wear shoes to be released in stores this year in Japan. Robot Luv one-of-a-kind wearable art clothing is currently being sold in over fourteen stores nationwide, not to mention a shirt worn by pop's Disney Princess, Hannah Montana (Miley Cyrus). Carrie does her retail and marketing business from her studio in the Parrish Building, 14th and O St.

Artwork Interpretation: "Robot Luv: Water Conservation is Automatic"

My recycling robots are demonstrating water conservation in action. The barrel illustrates how easy it is to live 'green' by collecting rain water in your barrel to recycle on your flowers and in your garden. Rusty has created a lovely environment for himself and his friend, Rain. It is also an animal friendly place for Boston Terrier, Audrey, and her friends the birds. Rusty and Rain are spreading Robot Luv to a community that cares about nurturing living things and not wasting our natural resources.

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