About the Artist: Chris Boyd

As a member of Beta Sigma Phi, an international women's sorority, one of the mottos is "the only right we have, is the right to be useful". This is something she tries to live by.

Chris is a Lincoln native, but spent summers and growing up years on her grandparent's farm near Saronville, NE. Her respect for ecology & nature came from her grandfather's teaching – "Be right by people, and leave the earth in a better way than you found it." Being disabled has caused her to relearn a new way to be useful. She's a wife, mother, daughter, caregiver, grandmother, sister and friend, to which are the most important reasons to be useful! She enjoys being a part of a sorority that focuses on service and social activities for the community.

She strives to learn, educate & share what our community has to offer. Disability has a way of creeping into our thinking & leaving us to feel "less able". For Chris, it was a reason to be more determined & creative in what she wanted to achieve. As an avid scrap booker, she saw an opportunity to branch into making cards as well. She began making "ducky" greeting cards to help with a little income. Being selected to share her little ducks on a rain barrel is so gratifying! Once again, it takes her back to the days of catching rain in buckets on the farm, and feeling the right to be useful.

Artwork Interpretation: "Don't Be a Duck Out of Water"

I love ducks! Based off of a couple of cards I created, I wanted to share a fun whimsical duck in a rain coat, holding an umbrella, standing with little ducks & flowers while the rain drops came down on them. These little ducks would give a sense of joy in their bright colors & simple form, leaving us with the desire to conserve – and not be "a duck out of water".