About the Artist: Diane Ogden

Diane Ogden is 49 years young and born in Worcester, Mass, but has lived in Lincoln most of her life. She has two children, Jessica, age 25, who is married and has a son, Casey, and Alex, age 17, who is a senior at Lincoln High, my alma mater. She has loved creating art as long as she can remember and on the walls of her parent's house. She especially loves painting, mosaics and making jewelry. In 2008, she made a mosaic glass cross for the Across Lincoln art project. She has worked at the Post Office as a mail carrier for 25 years.

"I think art is very important and I feel very blessed for this gift God has given me." - Diane

Other rain barrels by this artist:
2010: "Fish"

Artwork Interpretation: "Africa"

I was in Kenya in 2001 for Survivor Africa...don't get too excited, I was the 1st one booted! When I was in Africa we had to stay there, so we got to travel. I saw wonderful patterns of tablecloths... so; my piece is inspired by the wonderful colors and simple designs that I saw while I traveled in Kenya. Bright colors against the desert dirt of Kenya - too cool! That is why I named my piece AFRICA....it reminds me of a trip of a lifetime.