About the Artist: Sarah Dale-Piersol, Gere Library Teen Advisory Board

Gere's Teen Advisory Board (TAB) is a volunteer board made up of teens whose goal it is to make Gere Branch Library – and all of Lincoln City Libraries – a better place for teens. This year's members are; Michael Berrick, Catherine Berrick, Sydney Dynek, Spencer Farley, Chelsea Horner, Lindsey Howard, CJ Johnson, Heidi Kratzer, Alec Kreikemeier, Chloe Kreikemeier, Keira Landreth, Sara Mach, Kerstin Mullen-Bagby, Alison Reckewey, Kelli Rowlan, Hannah Voss.

TAB organizers are Sarah Dale-Piersol and Diane Vanek.

Others contributing to the project are; Sue Block and Barbara J. Mattley's students: Susan Ledder and Brigette Stevens.

Artwork Interpretation: "Rain, Rain Don't Go Away!"

Being a library group, we wished to incorporate not only a literary component to our barrel, but also, hopefully, to capture some of the whimsy associated with reading nursery rhymes.

One of the common themes in nursery rhymes and fairy tales is a love of and appreciation for Mother Nature. We are well taught from childhood to love and respect our earth, it is now when we are full fledged members of our community that we can stand up and make those lessons count. You might notice that we deliberately didn't choose to use "Rain Rain Go Away" as one of our rhymes. No, indeed, we wish to call forth the rain – and to use it wisely! And thus our title - Rain Rain Don't Go Away!