About the Artist: Joel Johnson

Can't quite qualify as being grown up yet, but was raised in Lincoln and attended Prescott Elementary, Irving Middle and Lincoln High School. He spent a few years living in Washington State, North Carolina and Colorado before making Nebraska his home again in 2000.

Joel is a Firefighter/EMT for Lincoln Fire and Rescue and enjoys his job with the City. His Father Bruce Johnson and his wife Barb Hoppe (Agricultural Economics Professor and Bright Lights founder respectively) encourage his family (Casi, Haley, Adley) to be Globally and Locally conscious and the Rain Barrel Project is a great opportunity to do just that.

Artwork Interpretation: "Blazing Barrel"

With Blazing Barrel, I wanted to incorporate my profession with water conservation. While it may seem like the answer to fighting fires is simply spraying a lot of water on the fire, our methods of attack have many other considerations.

The more water we conserve and utilize efficiently the less damage there will be to the structures that are involved and it will also lessen the impact of possibly contaminated water into the environment.