About the Artist: Katherine Herrick

Born in Kansas but raised in Nebraska, she grew up as youngest child of eight. In a household that always was an educational moment, her parents always encouraged looking at the bigger picture in life and supported her interest in art. From Katherine's earliest memory she has been exploring art. Each stage of her life marked with different subjects.

Little kid still life subjects in elementary, crosses during middle and high school and started college with portraits. Now in her twenties, still in school but more aware of life due to the fact that she has moved out on my own for the first time, she is currently working and exploring with the American flag and those in uniform, influenced by her current relationships involving military life. In all her art - whether it is flags or crosses, her biggest influence are the ideals her mother has shown her, the support of her father and the want to inform others of the reality of what lies right in front of so many of us that we may never see. Katherine's ultimate goal for her art is to help someone through connections. This passion for helping others see what they may be blinded to has brought her to pursue a career in art education at the University of Nebraska in hopes of shaping future artist.

Artwork Interpretation: "The Sacrifice"

This piece is to represent and inform the viewer of the reality of military life. The struggles and sacrifices both the actual individual serving and their families go through. The pain and constant feeling of loneliness that one may never get over because of the daily activities that are altered by the absence of the loved one.

The importance of the embracing moment when they return, that restores what was gone. These families sacrifice those moments they can never get back and some sacrifice if all. It's not about the war or conflict but those fighting and the support both they and their families deserve for fighting for our country.