About the Artist: Michael S. Salerno

Michael S. Salerno was born and raised in Omaha, NE. Michael attended Northwest High School and the University of NE-Omaha. He studied Art and History. Michael has worked extensively with mixed media; pencil drawing, water color, oils, acrylics, and wood-carving. Through the years, Michael has sold various paintings and had art shows in North Omaha and in Phoenix, AZ. In his art work, Michael remains true to his own creative imagination. He creates Power, Vistas, Tableaux of Universes, Dimensions, and Worlds.

Artwork Interpretation: "Wakinyan and the Heyoka"

Michael's design for the rain barrel is based on the Thunderbird for the Lakota Sioux mythos as a source of awe and life. The design is highly powerful and colorful depicting storms and rain through animals; positive and negative forces and the life giving results.