About the Artist: Mickle Middle School Native American Caucus

The Mickle Middle School Native American Caucus is sponsored by Joe Rousseau and Diane Gabelhouse, both teachers at Mickle Middle School.

Parent Artist: Loretta McGeisey

The student artists below are listed with their grade level:
Shanna Wolff (8)
McKenna Newman (8)
Cole Hayes (8)
Augustine Kolb (8)
Rhiannon Hartt (8)
Keenan Casillas-Bakeberg (7)
Trenton Casillas-Bakeberg (9)

Artwork Interpretation: "Mni Wakan"

Through the art we have placed upon this rain barrel the Mickle Native American Caucus would like to express our understanding that we are related to the Earth and all of its inhabitants. There are natural laws, and if we do not listen to and respect these laws, we will suffer the consequences.

To offer one water is to offer one life, as without water there is no life. The contents within this barrel are sacred. Mni Wakan translates directly to "Sacred Water" in Lakota.