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Market Place Project

Connecting the Historic Haymarket with downtown movie theaters, the University of Nebraska and our entertainment district is the goal of the Market Place Project. Market Place is a downtown revitalization project which stretches along "P" street from 9th to 17th streets. It is intended that the development will result in a more pedestrian friendly, entertainment-oriented destination for Lincoln.

Many changes took place along "P" street during the summer of 1998, beginning with contractors rebuilding deteriorating sidewalks during the first improvement phase. With the anticipated addition of retail storefronts, shoppers will have plenty of places to relax between shops. Among the amenities users of the area can expect to find are strategically placed benches, information kiosks, improved lighting, and trash receptacles. This street furniture has the opportunity to reinforce the image of the area as a pedestrian friendly street environment. The popularity of sidewalk cafes in the Haymarket is a trend that planners hope to see repeated in Market Place on "P" street. Other possible active uses of the sidewalks will be vendors of convenience items such as flowers, speciality food items and newspapers that will appeal to the busy commuter.

An integral part of the improvements is a tree and shrub planting program. A coordinated landscape plan will reinforce the identity of Market Place on a human scale while providing welcome shade during hot summers.

If you would like more information about the Market Place project, call the Downtown Lincoln Association at 434-6900.

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