Green Living at Play

When it comes to leisure time, Lincoln's great outdoors is the greenest option. Its parks, trails and outdoor activities lead to a quality of life that can't be beaten. Turn off the electronics and play in nature for FREE.


Lincoln Parks and Recreation

Lincoln Parks and Recreation has a goal of providing a park within a half-mile of every home, and maintains 125 parks in the city. Bring your canine companion with you for some fresh air at two designated dog parks or strap on a helmet and take on one of our two skate parks. Also, watch for Lincoln’s Earth Day celebration in April that is held at Antelope Park each year!

Check out all of Lincoln's parks!


Whether you're on an exhilarating bike ride or successfully beating rush hour traffic, trails in Lincoln offer unlimited adventure potential. There are 128 miles of trails in the City to explore and plenty of activities on them.

Event Recycling

It's simple to recycle the paper, bottles, cans, cardboard and even the food at events you attend around town. Any business, group or individual in Lincoln can borrow portable recycling or compost bins for events at no cost. Contact the Recycling Office at or 402-441-7043 for more information.