Green Living on the Go

Bike it!

You don't have to drive a hybrid to be sustainable; there are plenty of options to get from one place to another in Lincoln, and here are a few ideas.

Sustainability Mapping

Lincoln Green Map highlights the exceptional efforts and community assets that relate to the sustainability of the city. Through mapping, these efforts and assets are available for anyone inside or outside the community to see what’s being done and see how to become involved in the on-going movement for sustainability.

Bike it

If all 128 miles of trails in Lincoln formed a line, you could almost make it to Topeka, Kansas! Twenty-six Lincoln trails unite neighborhoods, universities and downtown Lincoln in a sprawling network. They extend to City limits and intersect one another inside of it, providing numerous routes to and from destinations. Many of the trails are gravel-paved and separate from City streets.

Eighty-two miles of the trails are specifically for commuters, so we suggest you tune up that bicycle and hit the trails for shopping trips or work.

Check out Lincoln's bike trails on the Great Plains Trails Network.

Ride the Bus

Ride the bus!

StarTran buses provide a reliable form of transportation, save gas money and relieve the stress of driving. Lincoln's bus program is also acknowledged nationally as a leader within the transit industry in the utilization and promotion of alternative fuels. Seventeen routes navigate around the city with one operating specifically downtown.

Visit StarTran's website for route information.