Sustainable Lincoln

Sustainable Lincoln Overview

The City of Lincoln has long been proud of its high quality of life, its tradition of environmental stewardship, and its engaged community members. On March 27, 2012 another exciting chapter in this tradition was begun with the first meeting of the Sustainable Lincoln Blue Ribbon Leadership Team to help guide our community into an even more sustainable future.

The Sustainable Lincoln Blue Ribbon Leadership Team includes a broad cross-section of the community with interests in the environment, sustainable planning, and the social and economic future of Lincoln. Knowing that what matters is what's measured, the Blue Ribbon Leadership Team is charged with reviewing recommendations for measurable community-wide sustainability indicator targets in the following areas: air, water, land, waste, transportation, energy, and community.

The eighteen community leaders on the Blue Ribbon Leadership Team will now produce the first Sustainable Lincoln plan, meeting through July, 2012. This plan will give the City of Lincoln and the broader community a set of sustainability indicators and measurable targets that will help breathe concrete life into the City and County's new comprehensive plan, LPlan2040.

LPlan 2040's shared vision for our community's future includes a promise to make Lincoln a sustainable city, meeting the needs of residents today without sacrificing the ability of future generations to meet their needs. Throughout Lincoln today there is already so much productive activity, both private and public, helping to realize this shared vision.

The Sustainable Lincoln plan will be a first draft of what is expected to be a regularly updated planning and accountability tool that is just right for Lincoln. This tool will help organize and direct our community's efforts to realize this sustainable future, including through our Taking Charge budget process and associated local policymaking.

Please use this site to see more information on Sustainable Lincoln, including the proposed targets for each sustainability indicator (air, water, land, waste, energy, transportation, and community), future meeting dates of the Blue Ribbon Leadership Team, background information and resources used, and reports on the process.