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January 13, 2000
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Mayor Announces Redevelopment Study For Old Federal Building

State Capitol employees to be relocated for 18 months

Mayor Don Wesely today announced that a firm has been commissioned to study the redevelopment of the Old Federal Building on "P" Street between 10th and 11th streets. The Lincoln-Lancaster County Public Building Commission has agreed to participate in the study, which was commissioned by the city Urban Development Department and the Downtown Lincoln Association.

"The Old Federal Building has served as temporary office space for the courts, County and City Attorneys' offices and other local government agencies as the old county-city building underwent renovation," Mayor Wesely said. "As the new Justice and Law Enforcement Center begins to fill up, the Old Federal Building has more space available, and it's time to look at a permanent plan for the building."

The study by Leland Consulting Group of Denver, Colorado is expected to be completed by March of this year. The Public Building Commission voted last month to accept proposals for the purchase and redevelopment of the building after the study is completed.

In the meantime, about 35 state employees will temporarily relocate to the Old Federal Building. They work in the tower part of the State Capitol and are moving because of the noise from the renovation process underway there. Employees on the sixth through thirteenth floors of the Capitol have been offered the option of relocating to the Old Federal Building, and they are expected to remain there about 18 months.

The Old Federal Building was built in four phases beginning in 1900. It was used as the post office and federal office space until the city purchased it in 1976. After the offices that are moving to the Justice and Law Enforcement Center have relocated, about 55 to 60 percent of the Old Federal Building will still be occupied by city and county departments. The state employees will take up to 35 percent of the remaining space.

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