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2000 Media Release


March 23, 2000
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Mayor Proclaims April 17 Through 22 As "Clean Your Files" Week

To boost the recycling of office paper, Mayor Don Wesely today proclaimed April 17 through 22 "Clean Your Files Week" in Lincoln. The Mayor is asking all city employees to empty their file drawers during the week and fill recycling bins with papers they no longer need. He is also sending letters to Lincoln institutions and businesses asking them to join the city in this effort.

"Clean Your Files Week was timed to coincide with Earth Day, and it's a good opportunity to promote the idea of recycling every day as a way to conserve our valuable resources," Mayor Wesely said. "I also want to encourage those with home businesses to participate by dropping off their unneeded papers in the mixed paper containers at the recycling drop-off sites located throughout the city."

City Recycling Coordinator Gene Hanlon said workers are encouraged to "dress down" for a day during the week to clean out their file cabinets and desks. Hanlon said recyclable material includes computer paper, letterhead, white and colored ledger paper, phone books, cards and envelopes.

Clean Your Files Week is organized by Recycling at Work, a campaign of the National Office Paper Recycling Project, a public-private partnership managed by the U.S. Conference of Mayors with the help of Clean Your Files national sponsors. Local sponsors include the City of Lincoln, Midland Recycling, Lincoln Public Schools, University of Nebraska-Lincoln, WasteCap of Lincoln and the State of Nebraska.

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