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2000 Media Release


May 4, 2000
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Mayor Signs New Rules To Protect Older Neighborhoods

Mayor Don Wesely today signed the Neighborhood Character Preservation Initiative, a zoning change designed to protect the residential characteristics of Lincoln's older established neighborhoods. The rules were approved by the City-County Planning Commission April 5 and by the Lincoln City Council May 1.

"The older neighborhoods of our city are special, and they deserve special treatment to help them maintain their unique qualities," Mayor Wesely said at a news conference at the Rogers House Bed and Breakfast in the Near South Neighborhood. "These rule changes will preserve these areas without hindering the continuing growth in our city."

The Initiative was supported by 20 neighborhood organizations, the city's Urban Development Department, the Historic Preservation Commission, the Preservation Association of Lincoln and the Real Estate Owners and Managers Association.

"The initiative enjoyed an extremely broad base of support," said Jon Carlson, President of the Near South Neighborhood Association. "It will allow us to maintain our vision of Lincoln as a growing community that continues to care about its citizens and the quality of life they enjoy."

The new rules apply only to new residential construction on land in the city limits as of December 31, 1949. They include three major components:

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