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2000 Media Release


June 7, 2000
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Mayor Announces Expansion of Adopt-A-Sign Program

Mayor Don Wesely today announced the city's Adopt-a-Sign program is being expanded to include high-visibility school crossing signs. The current program announced in February allows neighborhoods to donate funds to replace street name signs. The expansion will allow neighborhood groups and Parent/Teacher Organizations and Associations to donate funds to replace the existing yellow school crossing signs with new lime green signs.

"The city has a program to replace the current school crossing signs with new yellow ones, but the high visibility signs cost about five times more, and our budget does not cover that," Wesely said. "This is another way the public can get involved in improving neighborhoods and enhancing the safety of our children."

Each new sign face costs about $40. The city will cover the cost of putting the faces on new sign plates and installing the signs. Scott Opfer, Manager of Engineering Services Operations in the Public Works and Utilities Department, said all school crossing signs for a specific school need to be replaced together for consistency.

St. Peters Elementary had previously contacted the city about the new high-visibility signs and is now raising money to replace all 14 sign faces in its school area.

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