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2000 Media Release


June 27, 2000
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Wesely Praises Council For Ambulance Vote

Mayor Don Wesely today praised the Lincoln City Council for designating the Lincoln Fire Department as the new provider of emergency ambulance services. The Council voted four to three to approve a statement of intent to make emergency ambulance service a city service. After an ordinance is drafted, the Council will vote again on the issue.

"This is a difficult issue with strong emotions on both sides," Wesely said. "The City Council showed courage and vision by designating the Fire Department to take on this responsibility. The firefighters do an outstanding job and serve our city well. I have great confidence in their ability to provide better, faster, cheaper emergency ambulance service for Lincoln.

"The City Council made the right decision, and Lincoln will benefit from its leadership far into the future. Now that this decision is made, it is time for our city to come together and work through the remaining issues. The divisiveness must end, and we must find common ground. We have witnessed far too much contentiousness over the past eight-plus years regarding ambulance services. I am confident constructive discussion will bring this community together."

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