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2000 Media Release


June 29, 2000
For More Information Contact:
Diane Gonzolas, Citizen Information Center, 441-7831
Lori Vidlak, Heart of Lincoln, 476-5422
Mary Coffey, Neighborhoods, Inc., 477-7181

Neighborhoods, Inc. and Heart of Lincoln Unveil Web Site and Poster

Mayor Don Wesely, along with Neighborhoods, Inc. and its Heart of Lincoln program, today announced two new efforts to promote home ownership in the city. A new Internet site features information about the services of Neighborhoods, Inc., a non-profit partnership of neighborhood organizations, businesses and local government. The web site also features the home page of the Heart of Lincoln program, which promotes home ownership in ten of the city's historic central neighborhoods. The second effort is a fundraiser featuring a new "Doorways to the Heart of Lincoln" poster.

"A major factor in Lincoln's high quality of life is our strong neighborhoods," said Wesely. "Good neighborhoods don't just happen. They are created by the good neighbors, who take care of their homes and look out for each other. These new projects recognize proud home owners and invite others to invest in our neighborhoods."

"Neighborhoods, Inc. is dedicated to promoting home ownership and community revitalization," said Terry Uland, Executive Director. "Our new interactive new web sit will allow people to find out about our free home buyer training, loan counseling and housing rehabilitation assistance." The address for the web site is

The Heart of Lincoln home page includes features for current and prospective home owners in the targeted districts. The page allows those looking for homes to shop on-line for homes in the Heart of Lincoln areas listed by Woods Bros. Realty. Coordinators hope to involve other realty companies in the project this fall.

The "Doorways to Lincoln" poster features 15 doorways, showcasing the interesting and historical architectural features in the Heart of Lincoln neighborhoods. The poster, created by photographer and graphic designer Merrill Peterson, is modeled on a popular concept which has been successful in other communities in the U.S. and abroad. Posters are available for $10 from several local businesses.

"Community revitalization projects like these wouldn't be possible without strong public-private partnerships," Wesely said. "Lincoln is blessed with a high level of community spirit and energy."

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