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2000 Media Release


July 28, 2000
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Mayor Praises Ratification of Police Contract

Mayor Don Wesely said today's ratification of a new police contract is an important step toward attracting and retaining Officers and keeping the city safe. The Lincoln Police Union, which represents 261 Sergeants and Officers, voted in favor of the three-year contract, which makes salaries comparable with other cities the size of Lincoln.

"I want to thank the Lincoln Police Union for its hard work as we negotiated this new contract," Mayor Wesely said. "This new contract will help reduce the loss of trained officers to other cities and to other occupations."

The contract was signed today, and the City Council is scheduled to vote on it August 14. The new contract is effective August 17, the first day of the first pay period for the new fiscal year.

The pay increase is an average 10.23 percent for the first year, 3.5 percent for the second year and 4 percent for the third year. Mayor Wesely included $1,157,000 for salary increases and $160,000 in benefit increases for the Police Department in his proposed 2000-2001 budget.

The compensation plan eliminates the Master Police Officer designation while providing a higher payment range that incorporates more desirable "steps" within the range. The new contract includes 12 steps for Officers (at 3.9 percent between steps) and nine steps for Sergeants (at 3.4 percent between steps).

Other provisions increase the amount of sick leave that can be accumulated, the Field Training Officer pay, the clothing allowance, the reimbursement for body armor, the standby pay and the longevity pay.

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