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August 3, 2000
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Mayor Welcomes Redevlopment Project On North 27th

Mayor Don Wesely today announced the development of Sterling Village to be built on the west side of North 27th Street between "S" and "T" streets. Neighborhood residents and business owners were involved in the selection of the developers, Norman Sonderup and Kris and Julie Sonderup, his son and daughter-in-law. The Sonderups, who own Cycle Works, plan to recruit businesses providing medical and professional services along with small retailers.

"This is another excellent project that will join other revitalization projects underway along North 27th," Mayor Wesely said. "The Sonderups hope to attract new services and businesses currently not available in the neighborhood."

The block was residential, but many of the homes were beyond repair. The city purchased them and cleared the block for development. The only remaining house, a brick home at the corner of 27th and "S" streets, has been purchased and is scheduled to be relocated in September.

Sterling Village will be a 17,000-square-foot building. The developers plan to do extensive landscaping compatible with that planned for the medians. The Sonderups hope to begin construction later this year.

The Sonderup family has been in business in the neighborhood since 1981 when Kris, then a UNL student, and his father opened Cycle Works on the southwest corner of 27th and Vine. The business expanded to two former U.S. Postal Service buildings on the southeast corner of the intersection, and eventually the entire operation moved to that location. The business expanded again in 1994 and remodeled this year after The Moose's Tooth Outdoor Company relocated next to Cycle Works.

The area's revitalization was spearheaded several years ago by the North 27th Street Business Association. City officials worked with area residents and business owners to create the North 27th Street Redevelopment Plan, which was adopted by the City Council in March 1998. The plan includes the area from "N" Street north to near Leighton Street.

Other revitalization efforts along North 27th Street include: