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2000 Media Release


August 14, 2000
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Mayor Makes Appointments To Comp Plan Committee, Task Forces and Health Endowment Board

Mayor Don Wesely has named 14 citizens to a committee to assist with the development of the city's new Comprehensive Plan. They are Debby Brehm, Jon Carlson, Eleanor Francke, Merle Jahde, John Janovy, Brad Korrel, Rick Krueger, John Ludden, P.C. Meza, Melinda Pearson, Bill Seifert, Cecil Steward, Marva Wasser and Art Zeigelbaum.

Mayor Wesely has appointed nine citizens to the Infrastructure Financing Study Task Force. The study will help determine how the community will pay for providing services in expanding parts of the city. It is a joint effort of the city Public Works and Utilities Department, the Lincoln-Lancaster County Planning Commission and Duncan Associates, a consulting firm based in Austin, Texas. The appointments are Mark Arter, Barb Bartle, Jodi Delozier, William Giovanni, Bob Hampton, Pat Knapp, Dan Marvin, Gerald Schliech and Gil Trevizo.

Mayor Wesely has reappointed two members of the Community Health Endowment Board of Trustees and has appointed two new members. Reappointed were Christi Chaves and Glory Meakin. The new appointments are Janet Coleman (replacing Tim Fischer) and Marty Ramirez (replacing Rene Ojeda, Jr.). All appointments are for three-year terms expiring September 1, 2003. The appointments are subject to City Council approval and will be introduced at today's Council meeting. The public hearing is set for August 21.

The Mayor's appointments to the Stevens Creek Basin Initiative Task Force are Walt Bagley, Ann Bleed, Hugh Bullock, Dick Campbell, Donald Edwards, Alan Hersch, Kip Hulvershorn, Richard Meginnis, John Miller, Marilyn Moore, Dave Mortensen, Marleen Rickertsen, Estel Schroeder, Greg Schwinn, Don Uerling, Al Wellman and Linda Wilson.

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