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November, 2000
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Lincoln To Celebrate America Recycles Day November 15th
Several activities planned in Capital City

Mayor Don Wesely today issued a proclamation declaring Wednesday, November 15 as America Recycles Day in the city. Lincoln will join recyclers across the country in encouraging citizens to make a pledge to buy products and packaging made of recycled materials.

"Lincoln residents and businesses generate about 290,000 tons of waste each year, which is 6.5 pounds per person per day," Mayor Wesely said. "We can take great pride in the amount we recycle. In the last fiscal year, more than 12.6 million pounds of recyclables were collected through the cityís drop-off program, a five percent increase over the previous year and an all-time high for the program."

America Recycles Day was first celebrated in 1997, and last year, 2.9 million Americans participated. The theme for this year is "For Our Childrenís Future...Buy Recycled Today."

"Most of us are familiar with the recycling symbol with three arrows, but many donít know that each arrow has a meaning," said City Recycling Coordinator Gene Hanlon. "The top arrow represents home and business recycling and the second represents the manufacturer using recyclables to make a new product. The third arrow, the one we are emphasizing with this event, represents consumers completing the loop by buying recycled content products."

Hanlon said the City of Lincoln purchases recycled content products whenever it is economically and technically feasible, and in 1999, the city purchased over $2 million of the products.

"America Recycles Day is a celebration of the many recycled content products now available," Hanlon said. "When consumers choose to buy recycled, not only do they receive quality products, but they also help to preserve resources."

Lincoln residents have several ways to support America Recycles Day:

For more information about recycling and America Recycles Day, contact the Recycling Office at 441-8215.

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