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March 15, 2001
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Census Shows Lincoln Grew 17.5 Percent Over Decade

Mayor Don Wesely said the 2000 U.S. Census report for Nebraska released today confirms that the city of Lincoln is growing at a rapid pace. Lincoln grew 17.5 percent from a population of 191, 972 in 1990 to 225,581 in 2000.

"Our best estimates were that Lincolnís population in 2000 would be around 218,000, so we are pleased and excited that more people are choosing to make their homes in Lincoln," said Wesely. "I believe we have all the right elements for continued growth -- a prosperous economy, excellent schools and a safe, hard-working community."

Wesely said the new census figures emphasize the importance of updating the Comprehensive Plan, which is being done this year. He said the new census data will be very valuable as the city continues its work to plan our growth.

"We all knew there were more people and vehicles, but the actual growth points out the need to be even more aggressive in addressing traffic and infrastructure issues," Wesely said.

The city of Lincoln is growing at twice the rate of the state. Nebraskaís population grew from 1,578,385 to 1,711, 263 over the last decade, an 8.4 percent increase. The Mayor said the new census figures will also play an important role in state legislative redistricting. Lancaster County now has six legislative districts and parts of two others. The Countyís population grew from 213, 641 in 1990 to 250,291 in 2000, a 17.2 percent increase.

In terms of race or origin, 8,154 Lincoln residents identified themselves as Hispanic or Latino, the largest minority group in the city. The second largest minority group is Asians at 7,048, and the third largest is Black or African American with 6,960.

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