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April , 2001
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Mayor Presents Facts on Storm Sewer Bond Issue
Voters to decide issue May 1

Mayor Don Wesely today discussed the city's storm sewer drainage system and encouraged voters to become informed prior to voting on the $7.5 million storm sewer bond issue. The bond issue was placed on the May 1 general election ballot by the City Council. At current interest rates, the bond issue would cost the owner of a $100,000 home about $6.20 per year.

Prior to 1977, storm sewer projects were financed with a combination of general fund revenues and revenue sharing dollars. When this financing was no longer available for major storm sewer projects, the city developed a plan of periodically placing before voters storm sewer and drainage system bond issues. The last storm sewer bond issue was presented to Lincoln voters and passed in 1997 for $8.25 million. (A list of previous bond issues is attached.)

This bond issue would provide funds for the design and construction of 13 storm sewer improvement projects, which are designed to reduce the potential of flooding and property damage from storm water runoff. The projects are identified in the city's Storm Sewer and Drainage Capital Improvement Program and are on a current priority list of storm sewer needs. The anticipated construction time for all of these projects is 18 to 24 months.

These projects are at the following sites:

City of Lincoln - Storm Sewer Bond Issues

1983 $2.55 million passed
1986 $6.815 million passed
1991 $5.58 million passed
1995 $4 million passed
1997 $8.25 million passed

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