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Mayor's Office Heading City Letter Head

November 1, 2001
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Mayor Forms Group To Study Tiger Beetle Issue

Mayor Don Wesely today announced the formation of a local expert committee to study issues concerning the tiger beetle, an insect being considered for placement on the federal endangered species list. The habitat for several hundred tiger beetles is located at the saline wetlands just north of the 27th Street and Interstate 80 interchange, an area slated for future development.

“Protection of this rare tiger beetle is a priority,” said Mayor Wesely. “My charge to the committee is to develop a strategy that makes sense for the environment, is sensitive to other issues in our community, and is coordinated with the comprehensive plan.”

The Mayor has asked the committee to make its recommendations in about 45 days. The report will address the need to develop a local habitat conservation plan. Mayor Wesely is working with a local foundation to provide funding for the committee’s work.

Committee members include Bob Hampton, Hampton Development; Leon Higley, UNL Professor of Entomology; John Janovy, UNL Professor of Biological Sciences; Glenn Johnson, Lower Platte South Natural Resource District; Daryoush Raxavian, Olsson Associates; Rick Schneider, Nebraska Game and Parks Commission; Cindy Veys, Nebraska Department of Roads; and Lancaster County Commissioner Bob Workman.

The committee will also include representatives of the city Public Works and Utilities Department, the city Parks and Recreation Department, the city-county Planning Department and the Mayor’s office. InterLinc Home Page

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