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Mayor's Heading City Letter Head

March 1, 2002
For More Information Contact:
Diane Gonzolas, Citizen Information Center, 441-7831

Mayor Don Wesely's Statement on Statehood Day

"One-hundred and thirty-five years ago, Nebraska was the middle of nowhere, but pioneers with courage and vision of what could be took a risk and planted their roots deep in the rich soil of our state. Today, we celebrate the fruits of their labor and that of the generations of Nebraskans who have followed and prospered and turned Nebraska from the middle of nowhere into the middle of everywhere, the heartland of America.

"The challenges facing the pioneers who built this state should give us pause to reflect on the problems we face today. Would any of us consider trading our problems for theirs? Building our state out of this raw land was a remarkable accomplishment.

"Great progress has been made in Nebraska over the past 135 years. Let us be grateful to those who helped build this great state, and let us re-dedicate ourselves to do all we can for our state, our community and our country as we build a bright future for the generations that follow. May God bless America and this great State of Nebraska."

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