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July 9, 2002
For More Information Contact:
Diane Gonzolas, Citizen Information Center, 441-7831
Jerry Obrist, Lincoln Water System, 441-5930
Don Killeen, Building Administrator, 441-7356

Voluntary Water Restrictions Still in Effect

Mayor Don Wesely today reminded Lincoln residents that voluntarily water restrictions are still in effect in an effort to conserve water. Beginning Saturday, July 6, property owners with street addresses ending in an even number, including zero, were asked to water lawns and wash cars and other vehicles on even-numbered calendar days. Those with addresses ending in odd numbers were asked to water on odd-numbered calendar days.

"The rain we received over the weekend was very welcome, but it was not nearly enough to solve our drought conditions," said Mayor Wesely. "As we wait for more rain, itís important to do all we can to conserve water, and reducing the watering of lawns will make the biggest difference."

Weekend rainfall amounts in Lincoln varied from about one-quarter inch to a little more than an inch. Jerry Obrist of the Lincoln Water System said usage has reflected the rain. From July 1 through 4, water usage averaged 80.7 million gallons per day. Daily usage since then has been down to 77.1 million gallons on July 5; 68.7 million gallons on July 6; 44.9 million gallons on July 7; and 61.7 million gallons on July 8.

The city Parks and Recreation Department began taking water conservation measures last week. At its meeting this morning, the County-City Public Building Commission put all local government facilities on the odd-even watering system. Because several of the buildings take up large sections of city blocks, the Public Building Commission decided to use the official address of each building. For example, the County-City Building at 555 South 10th, the Justice and Law Enforcement Center at 575 South 10th, and the Old Federal Building at 129 North 10th will water on odd-numbered days. The Lincoln Lancaster County Health Department, 3140 "N" Street, and the new Juvenile Detention Center, 1200 Radcliff, will water on even-numbered days.

In addition to following the odd-even system, the Lincoln Water System recommends:

  • watering during the cool part of the day.
  • not watering when it is windy.
  • adjusting sprinklers to water only the lawn, and not the sidewalk or street.
  • using a broom, not a hose and water, for outdoor cleaning.
  • washing your car with a pail of soapy water, using the hose only to rinse the car.

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