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Mayor's Office Heading City Letter Head

December 10, 2002
For More Information Contact:
Diane Gonzolas, Citizen Information Center, 441-7831

Mayor Proposes Hometown Security Study

Mayor Don Wesely has proposed a Hometown Security Study for Lincoln. The study will examine the City’s public safety services, including the Police and Fire Departments and 911 Center.

"One of the primary duties of City government is to provide for public safety," said Mayor Wesely. "Our preliminary work indicates that Lincoln has fallen behind in the number of police officers and firefighters we have on duty. We need to catch up."

Mayor Wesely compared this study with the current infrastructure finance study, which is looking at the City’s needs in the areas of water, sewers, streets and parks. Wesely said the community must also reach agreement on the size of the growth gap in public safety, the options to deal with it, the best financial plan for the City to close the gap and the strategy the people of Lincoln support to address this issue.

Wesely said the community must recognize there is a cost to growth.

"To maintain our great quality of life in Lincoln, we must make strategic investments as we grow," said Wesely. "One area is in our public infrastructure, another is in public safety."

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