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Total Estimated Project Budget: $15 million Developer Investment: $11.75 million City Contribution: $ 3.25 million*

*City portion comprised of tax-increment financing and land sale proceeds, to be used for site assembly and demolition and design and construction of public improvements, such as street and sidewalk work, landscaping and utilities.

Project Timeline:

  • February 4 - Mayor Wesely announces City will seek developer proposals for downtown entertainment center. Douglas Theatre Co. announces it will submit proposal.
  • February 25 - Responses to City request for proposals due.
  • Late February - Committee meets to review proposals, makes recommendation to Mayor and Mayor selects developer.
  • March - Redevelopment agreement submitted to City Council for approval.
  • Winter/Spring - City acquires most of the south half of the site and completes demolition of all but three buildings on the entire block. Cleared land is sold to developer.
  • Summer - Construction begins.
  • Mid-2004 - Entertainment Center Grand Opening

Community Benefits:

The project brings $15 million of new investment to this critical site in the heart of downtown. The 71,000-square-foot redevelopment project will include a modern 14-screen theatre complex with state-of-the-art screens, sound systems and amenities, with the potential for some commercial or retail space.

The project reinforces Lincoln’s long-standing theatre policy designating downtown as the City’s primary entertainment center by limiting placement of movie theatres outside downtown. The 2002 Comprehensive Plan strengthened downtown’s historic role as the City’s principal cultural and entertainment center by encouraging entertainment attractions to be located in downtown

The project stimulates the continued revitalization of the “P” Street Marketplace corridor, where recent redevelopment investments include the Embassy Suites, Old Federal Building, the Lincoln Children’s Museum and several retail and restaurant locations. The Entertainment Center will complement its urban environment and the three neighboring buildings that will be retained. It also will help anchor the public arts corridor being designed for 12th Street from “Q” to “N” streets.

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